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The Best Sleeping Environments for Babies

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The best items for your baby to sleep in are safe and comfortable. This can include the SNOOSmart Sleeper, HALO’s SnoozyPod vibrating mattress soother, and Newton Baby’s swaddles.

SNOO Smart Mattress

The SNOO Smart Mattress for Baby comes with everything your baby needs to have a restful night. It comes with a 100% organic cotton fitted sheet and a mattress. The bedding can easily be washed in a machine and dried with a damp cloth. The mattress can also be spot-cleaned with mild detergent. The mattress also includes a mosquito net, low legs and legs to support low beds. You can also buy additional SNOO Saacks separately.

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HALO’s SnoozyPod vibrating mattress soother

HALO's SnoozyPod, a bedtime tonic that combines sound with vibration to help children fall asleep, is a novel product from HALO. It fits most cribs. It has white noise to simulate the womb.

Newton Baby mattress pads

Newton Baby's mattress pad is the perfect solution to late-night clean-ups. The mattress pad, made of 100% natural viscose is machine washable. It's also breathable. It also includes a Wovenaire(r), which is a patented cushioning substance. This cushioning product is safer than standard baby mattress material. It is 90% air-filled and 10% food-grade polyester. It is also extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Newton Baby's swaddles

Newton Baby was started in 2015. Their mission is to make products that protect baby's health and well-being. Products include crib-sized bedding, twin size mattress pads, swaddles and many other products. Each crib mattress is made of a proprietary polymer support core and a removable polyester cover. These products are highly breathable. They are intended to keep baby's body at a safe, comfortable temperature.

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Ewan The Dream Sheep

A calm, peaceful environment is one of the best things you can do for your newborn baby. The Ewan The Dream Sheep is an excellent way to make sure your baby has a restful night's sleep. You can choose from four sound settings with this stuffed toy. These soothing tones mimic the sound your baby would hear when in the womb. The toy can be used in a crib, or attached to a pram handle or car seat.

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A gift card for an experience they'll love!

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How can I pick the right gift to give my mother-in law?

There are so many great gifts you could give your mother in law. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Gift her something she loves to use: a purse, wallet or handbag of high quality. You could also get her new shoes if you haven't worn them in a while.
  2. Buy her something she doesn’t have – maybe a new hairbrush, curling Iron, or makeup set.
  3. Buy her something she will love - a sweater, scarf, perfume, bath salts or candles.
  4. Buy her a new toothbrush or deodorant.
  5. Gift her something she likes but doesn't really need: a new cookbook, wine glasses or kitchen utensils.
  6. Something she hasn’t seen before: a new book, magazine or CD.
  7. Something she really loves - a small kitchen appliance such as a food processor or blender.
  8. Something she would appreciate - a new dishwasher, clothes dryer, vacuum cleaner, or lawn mower.
  9. An interest she has - a new hobby.
  10. Something she can do herself - a toolbox, sewing machine, or jewelry box.
  11. Something she can share - a new friend or neighbor.
  12. Something she can enjoy together - tickets to an event, dinner out, or a weekend away.
  13. You can help others by giving her a recipe, craft project, gardening tips, etc.
  14. Something special for her - a spa day at home, manicure/pedicure, or massage.
  15. Donate to charity, clothing or toys for children.
  16. One thing she is able to offer others is free babysitting.


The Best Sleeping Environments for Babies